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Guardians of the Galaxy

Food and Humor in Guardians of the Galaxy

by Carson Jolly

3 Idiots - The three friends consume mountains of rich food at Virus’ daughter’s wedding.
FIGURE 1. The Orb that Star-Lord refers to as a "little melon."

Food is definitely not an aspect of Guardians of the Galaxy that sticks with the audience, but it still plays an important role. Most people refer back to the camaraderie of the Guardians, the abundance of humorous moments, or the captivating adventure that the Guardians take. By looking closely, it is clear that food plays a role in each of these aspects.

The developed camaraderie and familial relationship between the Guardians is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the movie. One of the most pivotal scenes that helped develop the relationship occurs when the group is being held in prison by Kyln. While incarcerated, the group is given some extremely unappetizing rations. Even in a tough situation, this leads to some humorous and critical interactions among the characters. Rocket starts the conversation by saying, “Well, this sucks,” and the group begins bonding over their distaste for the rations in front of them. It's one of the first instances in which the group begins to develop their patented camaraderie.

Humor is arguably the defining aspect of every Guardians of the Galaxy movie and just like the camaraderie of the Guardians, it is an aspect that is supported by food. The plot of the movie revolves around the group trying to find one of the infinity stones, known as the Orb. The Orb can be seen in the picture above. At times, the hunt for the Orb can get intense. Characters like Star-Lord and Drax help lighten the mood by referring to the Orb as a “little melon” and as a “space fruit,” adding a much-needed comical element.

Overall, food isn’t used often in Guardians of the Galaxy. However, when used it is pivotal to the development of the most important characteristics and themes of the movie. This makes food an aspect of the movie that should not be overlooked.


Guardians of the Galaxy. Dir. James Gunn. Perf. Chris Pratt. Vin Diesel. Sean Gunn. Zoe Saldana. Dave Bautista. Bradley Cooper. Disney Plus, 2014. Streaming.


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